Why can't I make any guy friends?

I have been upset for several weeks due to the fact that my guy friend doesn't want to be friends anymore. I don't know exactly why, I just know it happens way to many times. Like its impossible for guys to just be friends because they either want something more or they just get tired and toss me a side. I don't get it and the current guy friend that recently broke the friendship hurt me the most. Though I feel that deep down he didn't really care about being friends. I have always felt that I was only needed when ever his girlfriend broke up with him or w e (ex: he asks me to go to the movies but then never calls back cause he went back to his girlfriend). I don't know I can't really tell if its just me being all depressed over it and that was my worst fear of him. But I was always by his side even if he didn't have the guts to say no. During our time in school I would walk with him to his class. He would you know do what friends do talk and hug. Then on the last week I asked him if he was glad that he can finally get rid of me and he said "why would I get rid of you?were hanging out." I wanted to believe it was true but their were doubts.

Two weeks have passed so I decide to text him and it was basically a roller coaster. He first says "idk maybe later we can hang out," cause I asked if we were still going too. Then second time come around and he starts joking around. He asks me if I wanted to cuddle with him because he wanted to cuddle. I asked him "why would you want to cuddle with someone you don't have feelings towards?" He tells me "didn't say I didn't lol." Third time comes around and I asked him "do you really care about me?" and he says "no idea." Then he texts me "no more friends." I asked him "why?" He says "you get mad to much." I got all upset and just basically said he was making a mistake and we would have a great time like going muddin or the movies (lol). He then pops in a question and asks "what would you do if you saw me in the shower alone?" I ask him "why would I be there in the first place?" He says "we can't be friends."

A little over a week past and I finally got the courage to call him up again and he answered. I asked him why we weren't friends and he just says "idk shanna you freak out to much like you are now. I'm to tired, I'll call you back later." (never does as expected lol) So its been a little over a week since that happened and here I am still upset over it. Can anybody just please explain what happened? Is there anything I can change for us to be friends again? If now what are ways to calm myself down and move on? Please help


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  • This guy seems to be given you way too much mixed signals one minute he don't wanna be your friend the next he wants you 2 c him in da shower?maybe you gave him the wrong signals maybe you're a pretty girl and a guy being friends with a pretty girl in my eyes is a no no I seriously don't believe a guy can just be friends with a girl at all maybe they try but somewhere is always thinkin about having sex with you or something?trust me I have a fiance and I don't even talk to other men because now I have learned there is only one thing on there mind.u seem stuck here darling . if you just want to be friends I think you should explain there is no sexual feeling there because he will just keep thinkin them cuddles you want is in an emotional way when to you there not but to him they might be! maybe all the guys want to be your friend but your given them the impression you want more.dont give them everything at once darling all your emotions and cuddles because he will think you want more xxx hope I helped you