How do I know if my ex isn't over me and how can I get him back?

My ex boyfriend and I met on 19th September, we got together a month later and split just under a month, it ended horribly, he was very paranoid and when we broke up it was because he said ''i was supposed to be getting with someone I'd never even heard of and I wasn't over my ex'' according to him...

after he split up with me he tried to get me back on the same day but I refused, he tried again two days later but I still refused.

at one point we nearly did but I felt like I was on a piece of string and cut it off.

december time came around and it was the first time we'd spoken since we had a huge few rows which were petty and pointless and it was the first time we saw each other since before we split up.

after a few drinks we started talking and we got back on track after setting each other straight.

next day I asked him back and he said no...

since then we have had many more pointless rows and a few times he has pretended to be in a relationship, his msn names always say ''i love you ...'' when he's online.

i've tried to make up with him and sort things out but he ignores my friend requests, my messages and texts, I get the feeling he didn't come to the 1st of may party because of me...

i don't know what to do, I'm not sure if he's over me or not because if he was over me he'd message me back and be mates with me again or he'd have let go of the grudges by now and replied.

i want to know that if he's not over me what I can do to get him back, I haven't found myself attracted to anyone since him and I'm really tied down about this...


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  • You can't get him back, and even if there was a chance you could, why?

    He's poison for you, are your interactions not proof enough of that?


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