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Can you tell me what this is about? (Cheating ex problems, the more answers the best please!)?

On Thanksgiving break my ex-boyfriend was seeing his family and I was seeing mine. Now we saw each other which was bound to happen because our families live in the same apartment complex and we were still friends, despite him cheating on me. His excuse was that because I was moving he was afraid he wouldn't see me again, and claims that he didn't cheat because he told his brother and my best friend that he broke up with me, I didn't know that he had said that and that was around a month before I found out he had this other girl. He has a girlfriend, she's the girl he cheated with me on. When I came down Thanksgiving night we talked that whole night and we sat outside, my best friend, his sister and my step-sister were inside playing. I was cold and shivering so he offered me some of his blanket, I accepted his offer and unconsciously put my head on his leg, he was sitting one step above me. Then he started to rub my back and by now I was shaking violently so he wrapped himself and me in the blanket, and started to hold my hand. Now whenever his sister, my step-sister or even my best friend he'd hurry and move his hand. Hours before we were talking he seemed flirty and talked about all the great times we had together, and joked about some things like if we ever got back into a relation ship or sometimes he'd shoot me a wink and kissy face. It didn't seem like he was joking though. My head was still laying on his leg and whenever I looked up at him he'd look at me like he did when we were dating, then he'd kiss my forehead. This went on for the next two nights.
Please tell me what this is about, I'm so confused!
Can you tell me what this is about? (Cheating ex problems, the more answers the best please!)?
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