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Girlfriend's friend hitting on me or am I over reacting?

Just answered a question made by a cheating whore of a wife that was asked on here lol. Well let's just say I have a way with words and made her deactivate. Got me thinking about this though.


>Driving her home from campus. My girlfriend asked if I could do that for her. I said sure.
>This girl has been giving me edgy compliments ever since I met her. The kind that border on what's to be considered flattering to possibly suggestive.
>She playfully pushed me during the conversation when I started making fun of her in a joking way
>She said damn and then she started and started gripping my arms and sort of feeling them up. ( both still joking around at this point)
> She wrapped her arm around mine sort of locking them both together and said "Damn. I could get used to this, my boyfriend never goes to the gym"
>She suggested we workout sometime
>I eventually backed off and pulled my arm away. I excused the possible awkward tension by telling her I'm not the type to hold hands or anything like that anything like that to keep it cool. The vibes were are still friendly. Not awkward at all.


She is definitely a hot chick. Her boyfriend is older and I've seen him once. He has a lot of money and is definitely a good looking dude as well (no homo). He surpasses me in status. I don't see why a girl of her caliber who practically has everything would try and make a move on me. I've always been a natural flirt myself and I'm thinking that it might just be her personality. Having said that I could just be naive as fuck right now.

She isn't that close with my girlfriend. I think they met in fall semester. If I told my girlfriend I really had no idea how it would go down. I never even thought to tell her till I started thinking about what happened today. She would either say oh it's nothing she's like that with everyone or she would completely go ape shit on this chick. I don't want to breakup a friendship over some miscommunication. w0t do?
She is definitely flirting with you/taking it too far
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She seems like she is slightly flirting but nothing too out of line
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Get over yourself dude, she doesn't want your dick. She's just being nice
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Girlfriend's friend hitting on me or am I over reacting?
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