Okay so I she likes me but, (read details) I would like to be with her but I don't wanna waste my time, how do I find out how she feels before I try?

she comes up to me to talk, she invited me out on a date and she offered to drive (she's a senior, I'm a junior and I can't drive). I don't know if this is a sign of flirting but she always hugs me tightly before leaving. as you all know I just got rejected and I'm trying to move on. on Monday this senior girl asked me out but I said no because I thought I was basically gonna be with the other girl but as always she rejected me for reasons I can't comprehend because I barely spoke to her before it happened. Anyhow I want to date this girl or make her my girlfriend but I don't want a repeat of the same bullshit. so my plan was to ask for her number tomorrow but I want to be blunt and find out if there is the possibility of a relationship or not because I don't wanna waste my time. I basically just wanna say, "Look I don't know if I'm right or wrong but I think you like me somewhat and I kinda like you but I don't wanna waste my time if you don't like me like that so can you please tell me right now whether or not you are thinking about being with me". how should I tell her this without scaring her off.


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  • Don't talk about a waste of your own time. It sounds like all you care about is yourself. Make it seem like it's best to clarify for the benefit of both of you.

    • but I wanna know how she feels about me without her thinking I'm coming on really strong. like we've talked maybe four times but three of those times the conversation was like 30min but it was kinda like friendly small talk but like I said she took interest in me (staring, catching me in the halls, hugging) and she invited me on essentially a date

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    • Yeah man you need to work on your outlook on this whole thing. maybe you get rejected because when you approach girls type you have some sort of attitude to you

    • I didn't say I wanted a hot girl I meant I don't have a girl to call hot

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  • Don't put it the way you did here. Indeed just ask her but less bluntly.

    • but how? how should I say it then?

    • For one, don't menion that you don't want to "waste time." Just say that, due to past relationships, you want to know what the intentions are and where will those lead to.

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