Haven't heard from my boyfriend in almost 2 weeks?

He finished school last Wednesday (the 19th) and he said he'd be really busy with school and finals and then going home.

I still haven't heard from him. We've been dating for over 4 months and are long-distance until we finish school or one of us transfers.

The thing is he doesn't have a cell phone right now. So we usually e-mail.

I have a right to be upset, don't I?

I e-mailed him and said something along the lines of: I really wish I would hear from you more. It's obvious you don't really give a sh*t, so I'm done giving a sh*t.


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  • You shouldn't have sent that e-mail. Lashing out is not a good idea, because you don't know exactly what's going on. But yes, you DO have the right to be upset. 1 week without any sort of notice is way too long for two people who supposedly like each other. Regardless of how busy he is, there is no way he studies all day long non-stop. If he doesn't call, then he should at least send you an e-mail, even if it's to say that he misses you and stuff. The fact that he doesn't makes me think that he doesn't really care about you, but still you shouldn't have lashed out. You should have just told him how you feel upset in a normal way without being aggressive.

    • I really like and appreciate your answer. I can't take back what I wrote, and I don't really feel the need to. I was being honest with how I felt, albeit in an aggressive manner. Thanks again.

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