Is he interested or just having fun?

I recently started a new job (only female in an all male team), and connected with people via social media. There was one guy that worked remote and we connected via snapchat.

everything started very friendly and light hearted and suddenly started to get a bit saucy and suggestive... then the Snapchats started to thin out. We then eventually met (yes, I know..!). We shared a few more Snapchats and then they slowed down again for a week... until we were away at a conference. And right from the get go, he was suggestive and called me filthy, flirting over Snapchat etc.

This is continued for a few days, he was being very suggestive in front of people the rest of the team joined in, a lot of sexual innuendo and comments.

I distinctly felt that he was flirting with me. Kept making fleeting eye contact constantly with some really intense gazing and eye contact.

It all got a bit much and I mentioned to another colleague that it was getting to me a bit and he pulled the guy to one side and had a word, next thing I know, I've had a text from my flirt buddy (yes, I did engage in the eye contact too), asking if we could have a chat.

he was apologising for being an idiot basically. Said that he had stopped responding to my snapchats a bit as his wife had heard him talking to his friend about me and she thought he was having an affair. He said he was being mean to me to try and deter me. He then said he didn't want me to think he didn't like me as he did. And that his wife was fine hadn't mentioned it since, and how lucky he was that his wife didn't keep him under the thumb and he doesn't have to check in with her constantly.

We kinda dealt with our apologies and left it at that... he's been very nice (eerily nice) and we've spoken since and just said look, let's draw a line under it and move on.

But have i read read the signals all wrong? Have I enjoyed thinking someone was flirting with me when in actual fact, he hasn't? Do men flirt for fun or flirt with intent?
Is he interested or just having fun?
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