Why are you guys scared to admit your true feelings to us women/girls?

Lol...why are you guys scared to admit your true feelings to us women/girls?

what are some signs that a guy friend truly likes you more then a friend?

what are some signs that a guy is falling for you and truly cares for you more then a friend?


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  • Because if a girl doesn't feel the same way she'll reject you and fear of rejection runs rampant among both males and females.

    A guy will go out of his way to spend time with you and compliment or be nice to you. When a guy likes you its quite obvious and you'll see the signs.


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  • Most guys would rather not have to face the possibility of rejection if they don't have to. My friends tend to stare a lot and get nervous when the one they like talks to them. If they sound like they are more caring than before they might have deeper feelings for you.

    I know this from experience, so please do not make a big deal of it publicly, it is really awkward for the guy for a long time. My experience with that was not only a huge let down but my friends got on me about for a few months.

  • Guys don't like rejection. Probably the majority of guys wouldn't put themselves up for rejection unless they knew there was a good chance of it not happening. How does this happen? He finds out that there's interest coming from you.

    • I'm pretty sure no one likes rejection but someone needs to make the move otherwise.....

    • I know a guy that is 14, I'm 13, he knows for a FACT that I like him, but he still shows off a lot, and finds himself more important than anything else and won't admit he likes me, he did, but not verbal, because he's to big headed...

  • They are evil and will use it against us to enslave and defeat us.

    He wants to have sex wtih you

    • Smile.....that's not 100% true but we do that sometimes and I don't see it as being evil.

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