Is he really done with me?

Long story short. This guy I was with 2 years ago comes back to my state and wants to be with me. I have my block up and he says that I keep pushing him away. he says I'm not affectionate I think too much and I'm too opinionated. I told him that I need to work on some of those things. he gets tired of my ways and has walked out on me 3x already. He said that we will work together at communicating and the day after he says to never call him again. What should I do?


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  • OHMIGOD. Kick him to the curb. He sounds like a World Class JERK.

    All of a sudden he comes back to your state after 2 years and wants to pick up where he left off and complains you are not affectionate? YOu need to work on things? You're TOO opinionated? I can't believe you're talking to this guy at all. He has no right to blame you for anything. (IF you agreed to see him again - ( and I HOPE YOU DON'T) - relationships take TWO to work. Why do you have to work ON YOURSELF? Is he perfect? Oh, that's right.. He just thinks he is and can bully you into bending yourself into a pretzel to please HIM? What I find so encouraging about YOU is that YOU have high self esteem - You know what he's saying is ridiculous. He doesn't call the shots.. And FYI - if he can't accept YOU for YOU - he is the WRONG GUY for you. PERIOD. Opinionated is not a bad thing, Honey. It means you have a BRAIN and you USE IT.. Now.. please USE IT.. and bid ADIOS to this jerk. Ugh - I wanted to reach out of this screen and slap him. WHO does he think he is to waltz back into your life and start issuing orders to you? UGH UGH and UGH. LOSE HIM. Find a guy who adores you. He is NOT IT.

  • Let him go girl. Seriously. It's pointless to be with someone who says they want to get back together but when you decline they start using everything against you. Immature much. You don't need that and there are way better guys out there if you give yourself the time for them to somehow find you. It works. Believe me.

    Don't put up with this guys crap, though.

    You don't need that.

    If he has walked out three times already, then he will for sure do it again. Have respect for youself and don't get back together with him when it's suitable for him.

    Kick him to the CURB!