Do guys ask for girls numbers just to "show off" all their contacts who are girls?

know a lot of guys who have a ton of girls numbers who they never talk to. So guys, just some questions that have to do with phone numbers? 1. When you put your number in a girls phone, do you like them? 2. Or what about on fb if a guy asks you for your number is it usually to get to know you? Or have you ever asked just to see if they'd actually give it to you or to show off how many contacts you have in your phone that are girls?


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  • guys may do that just for the fun of it...just to see if they CAN get a girls number even if they don't like them or have any interest in that personally if I ask you for your number I intend on using it..and as for fb...get to know the guy as best you can on there before you go giving personal information out like that...just to see if you even like him enough for that...


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