Signs you like someone (if you're shy)

I'm just wondering what shy girls use when they are interested in someone trying to let them know, what little things they do, how they might act / treat them differently. (side thought from my earlier question)

uhh doh wrong place to put that comment, thought this was my other question :)


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  • i always look at him when he isn't paying attention and I'll ask his guy friends about him..also I will make up reasons to sit by him and joke around with him.

  • i like to joke around a little, call them a nickname I know they do not like, to get them going, I am very shy its the only way that I feel comfortable around them its either that or I kinda ignore them but act all flirty from afar to get them thinking hope this helps

    • Helps quite a bit, she acts flirty from a distance, but when its her myself and others she avoids me. but if I'm alone in a department she drops by and hangs around for quite a while.. could she be ashamed of likeing me? she is quite a bit older then I am..

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    • Maybe yes maybe no but maybe she's just more confertable alone with you.

    • Hmm.. she's 6 years older then I am (she's commonly mistaken for 16 - 18, she's 26) and I'm 20. how many years do you think is too many? usually she sues her age as a turn down for dates, to get guys to back off, etc, but hasn't mentioned it to me (yet, I found out from a friend whom she rejected)

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