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Well im confused?

So i have a confusing situation, a girl i met she at first didn't seem interested but now has been flirting a lot. Bear in mind she is very outgoing, flirty and that makes signals confusing. Last week we were joking around about getting married, she told me she loved me , thought i was fit in little notepad messages. Then she started using the office instant messenger to say it again. After a while we get quite close. She would be biting my arm , feeding me food, really flirty then i joke to her we cannot love each other yet we haven't even had sex. Her reply is not yet.. The trouble is i am in a relationship and i'm still confused what i think and whether she is just playing around with me? So when she messengered me that i was a great friend with love hearts , i replied friends with benefits lol xx. Her reply was a kiss emoji and then lots of xxxxxx. So this is 100% green light right?
Fast forward to next week and in similar work situations she is acting slightly colder, not touching my leg when sitting near me , even slightly avoiding me.. So i sent her a text saying i wanted her.. she replied lol your only human.. weirdo xx. After that i have left it i am not sure she liked me? or just being a tease? What is going on?
Well im confused?
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