Do girls pretend to like a guy, to hide their feelings from the guy they actually like?

This girl Kirsten is slightly younger than I am. I am 17 and go to a private school with her. all the obvious body signals that she liked me last year. (Blushing, shy-quick looks, fidgeting, twirling the hair, tries hold back her smile around me) She is very shy, and I think she was really intimidated by me since I am older, and sort of "one of the guys", and she is not a "popular girl" in her grade.

Anywho, To make a long story short. I am sure she still has feelings for me, as I do for her. However, whenever I tried, or try to take the next step and ask her out, she acts weird and conveniently then talks about some other guy to a friend of mine every time I ask her out (I've asked only twice). He knows her well, and he thinks she hides her feelings for me, because she gets all red when he mentions my name. Its confusing, because after the first time I asked her, she said yes and seemed excited then avoided me. I gave her space and waited to start talking to her again, then she went out out of her way to ask my friend to find out if I was still interested in her, and that she wanted to get to know me sometime. The 2nd time I asked, she said yes again and was talking about how excited she was, but ran away from me again. Is she just immature? Afraid I would break her heart and pushes me away? Girls please help!


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  • hahaha this sounds exactly like me. she's shy and intimidated by you, esp. because she has feelings for you HOWEVER she doesn't want to put her heart out there because she feels uncomfortable to be so vulnerable, she thinks that maybe if she acts too eager she won't be "hard to get" enough and she's inconsistent because she doesn't know how to react. She overthinks and doubts herself.

    You should take it slow, trust me. Just be patient with her, and once she opens up the inconsistent behavior should stop (I'm so like this it's crazy, I've gotten better and thankfully my babe keeps trying and trying.). If you want her, put the effort in. She'll start to return it if she sees you retreat (that's what I do) and yeah it's messed up and too vague/whatever, but these things will naturally settle down if you realize that building comfort takes time.

    She needs to know if she can let her guard down to you. Also, she might be so flattered that you're actually coming onto her (and can't believe it) that the shock is paralyzing her a little, as well as her blushing/feeling embarrassed. Hope that helps :)


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  • You're 17 and she's younger of course she's immature. She has no idea how to deal with her feelings and you are both at school together. She's confused, worried about how to deal with her feelings and how, if she did go out with "one of the guys" it will be seen by others.

    There could be many reasons why she might not want to act on her feelings and without knowing her situation we can only guess.

    • I agree! accidentally click it.

      she totally likes u.n she is zubrette sd.she's still immature.try going slow with her.

      IM her 1st.make her feel comfortable wit u.

      say hye 2 her if ur guys are in da hall way 2gether.

      talk 2 her in public.let her get use 2 it 1st.

      it'll work out.

  • No. I think she is afraid of you. I was like that in highschool. I think her attraction to you is intense enough that she doesn't need to be in a relationship with you.


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  • she's a time waster... she's got emotional issues and she needs to deal with them on her own... not your problem bro... or maybe she has aspergers syndrome.