Why did this guy tell me he wants to continue seeing me and then dump me the next day?

I have been dating this guy for nine months and we get along extremely well and have great chemistry together. I fell in love with him and think that he is my soul mate. We have never had one fight in those 9 months until 2 weeks ago - when I finally called him out for being unable to tell me at least where he thinks this relationship has the potential of going. We have been discussing this for about the past three months and I told him I love him and wanted to know how he feels about me - because although he has never told me that he loves me too, most of his actions say it - buying me gifts, cooking me dinner, etc. He says I make him very happy and he doesn't know what he would do without me in his life but... He is very shy and reserved and I understand he has a hard time expressing himself verbally, but I need to hear it. So I finally got so frustrated with the situation that I called him out and told him that I didn't think we should continue seeing each other because he is confusing and hurting me by being so distant with his feelings. During this conversation, I told him that if he is just using me and our relationship isn't going anywhere, he should just say that -at least I would know where I stand! I also told him that I deserve to be with someone who can give me back what I give to them 100% and I told him that he is not doing that by being so vague...The only response I got was "You are making me extremely uncomfortable and I think I should leave". I asked him not to leave and told him I didn't really want to stop seeing him, I just need for him to let me know where we stand...So he stayed over and the next morning everything was normal and while we were in the shower together, he suddenly grabbed me & hugged me and said that he was glad that I wasn't serious about breaking up because he wants me in his life and I told him that I was sorry for making him uncomfortable, but that we need to start talking about this subject. We had a great conversation on our ride to work and I asked him to forgive me for being so blunt - that sometimes I get confused and frustrated - but that not having him in my life would devastate my world and he said,"We have common ground there". He kissed me and said,"I'll see you next week,okay?"So here is my question - WHY then did this guy completely stop answering my calls the next week and finally tell me, "Look, you made me feel extremely uncomfortable last week and I need some time before I can see you again"? Does that mean he has dumped me? He will not tell me what exactly I said that made him feel that way, nor will he tell me that he never wants to see me again, just that "our relationship is unhealthy and we need to give each other space". That was two weeks ago and the silence is breaking my heart. I have given him the space requested, until last night when I broke down and simply texted the words, "I miss you." No answer. I love him but I have to admit that I am starting to hate this game -it's cruel.
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Guys - please help me out here...I need to know what might be going on in his mind and whether or not I should even keep hoping. :(
Why did this guy tell me he wants to continue seeing me and then dump me the next day?
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