Girls, what do most creepy guys do to get that label?

If you were to take all the "creepy" guys from your experience and average them out, what was the common contributing factor?


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  • - Proposal on first contact; seriously immature. Clearly no understanding of personal boundaries or relationships. Completely disrespectful.
    - Thinking abuse/rape is funny or cute.
    - Getting way too close to someone he's just met. I mean both emotionally and physically.
    - The assumption that all women are simply sitting around waiting for a man to save them by marrying them.
    - Putting women down when they speak, particularly in public.
    - Staring.
    - Stalking.
    - Criticizing women's bodies constantly but the guy himself doesn't even brush his teeth or something.
    I could go on, but those are very common, from personal experiences.


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