Guys, does he like me?

Okay, so I'll try to be short. There's this guy who studies at my university but is not in my class, we have just one friend in common, we see each other once or twice a week but we have never talked to each other. Since the beginning of this semester, whenever we're in the same place, I notice he's looking at me, so I look back and he doesn't look away but I do because I do like him. This hasn't happened just once, but several times. Also, today (which made me ask here), when I entered my classroom I looked behind me to just glance at him a bit (because I like him a lot) and he was looking at me. Later, I was in class and he was with friends on a bench outside my classroom, I came out of the classroom to go buy a snack and I clearly saw him looking at me, even when walking past him, then I walked down the stairs and I saw him turning around to look at me, I looked back at him and he looked away. Whenever we see each other, we stare at each other. Does this mean anything or am I just making things up?


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  • He might like you for looking at you a lot
    But he might not be sure you like him back

    • How can I give him a hint assuring him I do? I still don't know how to approach him

  • You are either to beautiful or ugly, could be either.

    • I think I'm not ugly, just average

    • So assuming you are like most women and under estimate yourself, your are beautiful and he is shy.

    • I'm unsure about him being shy... he's got lots of friends and is quite attractive. Thanks for answering!

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