I only attract women who aren't very attractive and is a overweight how do I attract semi attractive women who is average size?

I know I'm shallow but you now how every body has a type. Well I do too and if that excuse can be used against me then I can use it too.


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  • You could ask out the women you're interested in yourself instead of waiting for them to come to you

    • I have an they never go on dates with me. One told me I wasn't their type. Another said she couldn't reciprocate my feelings. Another said yes, but never went on a date with me so it was a pity yes. The last one was my main problem

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    • Yup... good luck

    • Thank you

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  • The first option is to lower your standards. It's the easiest way to get laid.

    I personally have done this and found it unfulfilling. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes it wants more.

    If you find you aren't attracting women of a certain standard, then raise yourself to a higher standard.

    Work out and have a visually appealing bodyshape. Dress well. Be funny– humour fills in the gaps. Treat them well, but don't overdo the compliments. . Volunteer. Get a better job and make more money.

    Be a good cook– it's an unexpected way to provide for a woman that she won't be uncomfortable with. If you insist on paying for everything or try to make every decision, she may feel like you're questioning her independence. But cooking is a way to simultaneously show off and provide. If you don't know how, learn to do so. If it goes well, you've gained some points with a woman. If it doesn't work, you've still learned how to feed yourself better.

    You don't need the full package, but improve yourself wherever you can. The sad reality is that pretty women will always seek the best man; you can be playing every card the best you can, but if one guy shows up with more confidence, a better job, and a toned physique, you'll be quickly forgotten. So make yourself as appealing as possible.

    And above all else, learn to accept rejection. the guys who go home with a hottie's number are the guys who got several "No, sorry" responses beforehand. Getting back on your feet is part of the game.


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