Brother in law flirting with me?

This relates to my other question. So oh Thanksgiving my brother in law come up to me and started smelling me, he did this in front of a lot of my family said he likes smelling me. When I walk by he won't move so ill have to brush up against him, I watched him and he moves for others. He always make Flirty comments to me and hugs me weird like rubbing my back as he hugs me. I don't know if I'm reading into this to much or does he want more? He has a beautiful girlfriend but he's always like this w me. My family says they have noticed him like that w me and my husband has brought it up to me a couple times. What should I think? What does he want from me? Is this innocent?


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  • i have the exact same issue with my brother in law, it goes beyond a comfort zone. so when anything of the such happens I always bring up his wife and say something like oh hey what is she doing or do you ever do that to her? it kinda catches him on the spot and he usually reacts by laughing but temporarily stops but I think if you find it neccessary you should definately confront him on his behavior and make it clear that it makes you uncomfortable and show him how innapropriate it is