What do mixed signals mean?

After you break up, she will give you sorts of messages like let's be friends and then a second later she will say I miss the times when I was with you then she will say my heart is longing for you then she will say let's be friends. She will say I think I made a mistake then after she will say I just want to be friends and I love someone new.

Can anyone please help me and define why girls dump guys and then give guys confusing signals after the break-up?


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  • Um, those are NOT mixed signals. She wants to be around you. That much is clear.

    There may be some doubt in her mind as to whether she wants to commit to you on a long-term basis, which is why she flipped back to "be friends and love someone new" -- you should talk to her about that. Just explain that her comments are confusing you. (If you're the gambling sort, you might even want to have the all-or-nothing discussion with her and start the whole boyfriend/girlfriend scene from scratch. That really depends on what you want from her, who broke things off, etc.)


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  • Mixed signals are definintly a clear sign for you to stay away. People who don't know what they want, can't give you what you need. You need stability with a girl. Not trivia games. Why should you rattle your brain trying to figure out someone who is obviously either playing head games or confused themselves. You don't have time to babysit someone who is still in the nursery of their decisions and emotions. You should always be open to relationships that allows you to expect consistency. That is how you get to know a person. If they consistently treat you the way you want to be treated.

    . A person who stays the same gives you surety about who they are so you both can possibly have a solid consistent relationship without the yo-yo attitude.

    Don't waste your life on unpredictable girls. Consider this the best break-UP ever. Keep mvoin on and stop trying to figure out someone who obviously has issues like Sybil. (true story movie about a girl with 17 personalities)

    Have a great day

  • Ive been in a very similar situation with an ex - a guy. I have suggested meeting up with him face to face which we are doing to try and settle things in a couple of days. We have been keeping the convo purely friendly and light which is making it easier over time. I still miss him (he finished it with me) and I'm not going to lie its hard. We split 5 weeks ago and its only been the last week to ten days we have been able to have a laugh and chat (over text). I'm not really sure what it means in terms of friends after relationships and tbh I have always wanted to break contact but with this guy I've struggled as I genuinely enjoyed his company - maybe it is the same with you guys: she enjoys your company but can't be with you so she is torn... good luck


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