A girl that I like likes someone else. What do I do?

I met a girl at my college a few weeks ago. She is amazing in every way. We've been talking for some time now, and we discovered that we have so much in common with each other. We really were hitting it off and it was great.

Me and her hung out with a group of friends. We broke off for awhile and she told my friend that she likes someone else (who I won't name). I assume that she thought that she wouldn't tell me, but she did.

Later on in the week, she's been hanging out with the guy that she said she likes, more than she's been hanging out with me. She pretty much left me in the dust and stopped talking to me and started talking to the other guy. They're not dating yet (as far as I know).

So why would she seem interested in me at first, just to leave me alone. I doubt that they have as much in common as me and her do.

I need advice, thanks.

And also, she never mentions this other guy when we hang out, almost as if she doesn't want me to know about him.


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  • Well she likes someone else. Not much you can do about that but show her why you *might* be a better choice. Obviously I don’t know to much about any of you so I would suggest thinking about why she likes that other dude and where your relationship with her is right now. Because the way I see it, you’re just not her type, romantically speaking, and she figured that out once she had some time away from you and met the other dude


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