Will a woman stop liking/persuing a man if he has no clue she likes him?

will she just overall stop trying, I've been flirting with this woman, but im not sure if she likes me,
i feel like maybe there's hints she throws at me, but i have no clue unless she openly say it to me. am i doomed?

she said " im going to a bar tonite with my friend's , im going to be all done up, and knocking guys outta my way all night" while she is looking at me.. not sure if she ment that she wanted me to be the guy and goto the bar, becuase she never asked me or was she just telling me this for no reason? women a f u cking confusing!!!


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  • First off women are only confusing if you don't listen to then properly. If you listen closely, they usually tell you what they want just with some added fluff.
    To get into it, yes. If you wait too long to catch her hint that she likes you and make the first move, she will move on. This almost happened to me and my girlfriend, but I caught on quick and had her interested a lot more, having her know that I knew that she was interested and she didn't quite know if I was interested in her. All I said was, you're not mysterious I can read you like a book. Did a couple cold reads on her and next thing I knew I had her hooked.
    Hope this helps


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