Is this considered s3xual harassment and assault if I ever do this?

Lately, me and my friends were having plans on dressing up as masked superheroes for a Halloween party this year. I'm gonna be Spider-Man this year and my friends made a double dare on me to talk and get to know any random girl that I like at the upcoming party and then flirt with and ask the girl to lift my mask up (not completely but only enough for my mouth to be exposed) to kiss me if she asks me who I am and to take my own mask off completely.

Would this be a creepy of me to do?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't be creepy.. lol

    • Goddamn I fucking love Halloween and women like you are the reason why. Bless you and that beautiful body as well


    • I love to fuck so we have something in common

    • Girl this reply made me rrad all your replies and I'm so turned on now lol u should see my boxer briefs rn my bulge is pounding like thumping with heart rate. Visibly lol

What Guys Said 1

  • No, it could be considered a bit weird though, so make sure she's interested before you try anything.


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