How do I flirt with my crush?

I really need help, I've never really flirted in my life and have never been very good at conversations (just in general), but I've reached new levels of confidence as of late so I can actually talk to people and play off the response, anyways like I was saying I still kinda suck with girls. I'm take this music class in college and it's in this large auditorium and we can sit where ever we want but it's been three weeks and I sit in a row with some girl but yeah. The next time we have class she sit closer and closer to now for the first time we are sit almost right next to each other, and yeah she really cute. I felt such a strong connection to her, but only time to time do I glance and see her. We usually laugh at the same jokes the professor make, which are really corny. I don't know I think I would like to be with her. I haven't even talked to her, every time after class I want to introduce myself but it's so hard what if I become my old self or something that isn't myself but yeah, if everything goes well I don't know what to do after that either you're thoughts or suggestions? They would be very helpful.


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  • Ask her after the lecture about her opinions, or about how she feels about an assignment. Start the conversation with something you know you both have in common (the class) and from there you can see what else you guys have in common and go from there. Good luck!

  • Compliments on her appearance and personality. And then I don't know.. try to flirt?


What Guys Said 1

  • Some people won't agree with this but first of all APPEARANCE does matter. If you feel your looks aren't that good then go for hygienic life. Shave, toothbrush twice a day, wash at least once a day... and all that. Have a signature look, like a signature hairstyle, deodorant, clothing. Appearance always makes you noticeable.
    And then comes your character. If you feel she's out of your league then it would be quiet a challenge. Don't show that you like her, but show that you are interested in her. Introduce yourself and know her interests. Chit chat with your common interests and research in her likings. Make her feel appreciated, safe and different. Have a unique connection and story with her bc there other guys out there trying for her.
    And the best of all is Be Your own style. Don't fake and lie to her. Only thing you have to fake is your confidence.


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