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Who wants to date a big girl?!

I was just wondering if there were any attractive guys on here that would be interested in dating a girl who is very pretty. Long blond hair, blue-green eyes, she likes sports, she likes to go out dancing and drinking with friends. She has lived in a lot of different places. At what weight or body size would you say... No... I am not interested... if any?
I would consider dating her. (Looks only small factor)
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I would NOT even think about it. (Not my type at all)
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I would have sex BUT NOTHING more. (You are being real)
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She could look like a fat Angelina Jolie but NEVER (Never!)
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PS... If you are not into big girls... just take the poll... that will suffice.

I am more interested in hearing about guys who do like bigger girls and getting an idea from them of their opinions.

Thanks for reading and voting. :)
Who wants to date a big girl?!
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