What’s a sweet message to send my schizophrenic guy friend who I haven’t seen for a while at the gym?

My schizophrenic guy friend (who I really fancy) has been strangely skipping gym for 2 weeks. He goes on a lot of business trips but I know he’s not traveling this time. Last time I saw him I made sure to make him feel comfortable with me and I told him how I liked spending time with him after dropping him home. Last time he skipped gym I told him hey haven’t seen you a while, you good? And he said that he was on a business trip.
Now, I want to text him something so sweet to make sure he’s fine. But I don’t know what to say- I want to say something different from “hey are you ok?”. I want something sweet but also something that’ll make him smile. Can someone please help me out? (He doesn’t know that I know he had schizophrenia- I found out from a mutual friend).


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well be carefull my son is one. I used to have so much trouble out of him untill i found that i had to let him speak first then we could talk about anything... so my advise is say hey honey you are so sweet i want you to start our talking each time


What Girls Said 1

  • Hmmm... Maybe something specific like, hey. Missed you at the gym. I'm going (insert plans) you should come


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