Guys when a girl gives you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek!!

do ya love it. hate it. how does it make you feel? especially after she was excited from a surprise or very thankful for you helping her out.


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  • I love it, but I agree with Franco, that I usally think that means she likes me.


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  • Well as this isn't something they're used to from guys, they associate it with females only, and they associate that with you being interested.

    • true I would not do it for everyone but the guy I did like and perhaps that is why I gave him that heartfelt hug and kiss.

  • I hate it but I also have touch issues, as long as there's attraction most guys would really like it

    • so you don't like people to touch you in general? Get too close etc?

    • certain touches make me wanna hurt the person or people that are physically closest to me which is usally the person touching me (not that I act on it) and its mostly anything I percieved as a effectinate. it can also change in time as I get more comfortable with someone. I especially hate hugs. also some times become way more sensitive to touch like in crowds, when I'm already mad or when have adrenaline

    • I agree with the other about thinking she is interested or at least attracted

  • It makes me feel good. Like a few other guys already said I would probably wonder if she had feelings for me after that. Usually a simple thanks and a smile is enough.

    • Aww good I do like him and he was extra sweet so I gave him the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek and he basically blushed. It was the cutest but I will never say that to him.

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