Have you ever heard of a guy who's in a relationship with a girl that he didn't like at first?

You always hear women why they first met their boyfriend, she didn't like him at first cause she thought he was a douchebag who only wants one thing out of her.

When have you ever heard a guy say when first meeting his girlfriend, he didn't like her cause he thought she was came on too strong or didn't like her for other reasons,. but later own on he gave her a chance? Plus she had more of a crush on him.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I knew a guy who dated a girl he wasn't sure he wanted to be with and 3 months later he wanted to marry her because she was such a good girlfriend

    • Okay explain how the two of them first met, and are they together now?

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    • What made him start to have feelings for her?

    • I wasn't there when they were dating - I met them after them broke up and heard from the ex girlfriend about how they started dating but she always got 95% and above in school so I think she was wise and intelligent and excellent in how she lived her life and carried herself.

What Guys Said 2

  • That's the way I am... It's not that I didn't like my girlfriend, so much as that I didn't think she's was worth putting time into. As we bumped into each other more, I started to see that my perception was false, and then like grew into love.

    • Does your girlfriend have a gag account?

      Not that I'm calling you a liar, I just like to hear version of the story.

    • No, but even if she did, why on Earth would I give you her username? What kind of an idiot would publicly say something that would crush their partner if they heard, and then give a stranger the ammo he needs to take a shot at the relationship?

    • No I didn't mean it like that, trust me she is yours, I ask that just to get more information out of the story.

  • Nope. That's weird, man. If no initial attraction, why are you with them at all?


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