Is this girl flirting with me?

Alright so I have a female co-worker at work, right now she's a regular employee but is fixing to become a manager like me. Anyways, here's the things that have confused me

she usually laughs at random stuff I say,

when I was with my ex she hugged me right in front of her,

She kept asking me to watch her perform in a dance for her club,

one day it was only me and her in the room and she laid down right in front of me talking about massages while I was counting the safe,

Yesterday, she asked for my sc and sent me a picture of a coffee mug and the caption "good morning" with a yellow heart at the end. But left me on read when I snapped back good afternoon with me smiling and hugging a stuffed pikachu

Also, she told me she broke up with her ex as soon as she came back from the summer holidays and was asking how old I was.

She's 21 and I'm 19 and we work at the same place.
Is she flirting with me or is she just being friendly
She did not act like this at all when I was a regular employee but she did have a boyfriend.
This is over a corse of a year


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  • She could just be really friendly but I can see why you’d think she likes you. Do you like her?

    • I think I do she's kind of got what I'm looking for in a girl

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    • what's a good hint to drop?

    • Ask her out? Try it casually so its not to scary but she if she’d like to watch a movie with you or get something to eat, her response will tell you everything

What Guys Said 1

  • Try taking it a step further, try poking fun at her or touch her here and there, not in a perverted way of course but grab her arm or something, or gently push her if you're walking next to her... Make sure you smile as well lol tone means EVERYTHING


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