Why does a guy looks at you all the time, and you look back he turned away, but he doesn't. like you?


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  • Who said he doesn't like you?

    • 6d

      he just don't reply to my messages? like the first time i texted him replied, but then I took an entire day to reply then he took an entire day, then he stopped replying... then week later, he texted me apologizing for not seeing my texts... that means he dont like me?

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    • 6d

      will there be more nicer and good people around? majority of guys this generation are assholes or at least those are all I've ever known my entire life. It's sad because i've never met any who is nice and kind and a decent good person like him

    • 6d

      You're only 19. Boys your age have the maturity level of 14-16 year olds. Give them time to catch up and yes, there will be others. If you like this guy THAT MUCH, quit bullshitting around and just go find him and ask HIM out !!! Then you'll have your answer.

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