How does an aquarius show affection?

I like an aquarius and I want to know how he shows he likes a girl. I am a leo btw

He's a really sweet person. He is caring and helpful. He is such a gentleman. He once walked ahead of me to hold the door open. He is a protector as well. He's very social, but clams up when I talk to him or get near him. He stares A LOT at me but he's shy


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  • I advise you not to buy into astrology. People's personalities aren't subject to shifts in celestial objects. However, if you were to tell us a bit about what kind of person your crush is, we might have some tips.

    • Well, from what you've told us it seems adamantly clear how he shows affetion to you. Not sure why you bother to ask us.

    • Well, I asked because he doesn't really act on it. He avoids me, but stares at me. When he is near me, he doesn't talk. And I have read that if a guy really likes a girl, he would try to attempt to talk to her. That hasn't happened yet. So I'm a little confused. I know that I should be the 1 to approach him if he won't and if I really like him (which I do), but I'm really shy so I can't. If no one makes a move, then nothing will happen. How do I get over my shyness is my REAL question.

    • Well, any answer to that would depend on why you're shy. Is there any reason you know of? What is it about socially interacting with people that makes you nervous?

  • He sacrifices a new born lamb to the sun god ra...

  • He'll throw water at you


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  • ok, I know a leo she's a total bitch, does that mean your a bitch because her personality is bitter and conniving? no.. the idea that groups of people act the same because theyr born around the same date makes no sense. were all a result of what we experience not a result of what time the sun rose on that day. if you want to know if he likes you ask him.

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