I am ready for the boyfriend-girlfriend title, so why won't he give me?

so I dated this kid J for a while then he dumped me one day for reason I don't see then 9months has passed and we have kept talking and hanging out an hooking up I wanted the bf-gf title an would keep asking for it he would always so no he wasn't ready. About 2 weeks ago I just reached my breaking point I love him but this is ridic so I told him I was shutting him out and we were over not even friends well he showed up at my house and fought for me to come back I told him I needed a few days to think in those few days I made a list of everything I need to be different in order for me to move forward and he agreed to my needs. Then I brought up the title again and he again said eh wouldn't give me it so when I got upset and said that I wasn't going to do this again the explained that "we are working for the title" which is something that we never had said out loud an stated before. He still texts em every day an we make plans an hang when we can but in side I feel really hurt and let down. I don't know what I should do I love him but I am ready for the bf-gf title so why won't he give me it if he says he still loves me too.


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  • boys don't give there hearts easy their not women take him for his word and you two work for it but beware don't spend all your life worrying about him if he takes to long like say a few months pass and he's saying the same thing find a new hotty girl lots of guy are out there


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