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How can I friendzone my crush (serious question lmao)?

I repeat, I am not kidding.

So me and my crush went together to see a movie. Everything went pretty well. She seemed interested in me, etc. Some times after I got home, I noticed that she hadn't texted me. So I decided to text her something like "Hey tonight was fun, I had a really great time!". The next day, in the morning, she was online. She responded 30 minutes later (she said that she also had fun and she thanked me again).

A few days later, I texted her again and it took her around 2 hours to respond to me (even though she had been online a few times after I sent my message).

Today, I texted my crush much earlier than last time. Sure, my message was kinda boring to be honest (it was just "Hi!! How are you?"). But she didn't reply to it... At least, not yet... She didn't even read it. She just ignored it.

So I am 100% convinced now that she didn't feel the same and that she started to distance herself from me because she figured out that I have a crush on her (or maybe she had a crush on me and lost that interest during the date). PS: She pretty much told me (when she was about to leave) that she wanted to stay in touch with me via texting. Obviously, so far, it has not been the case (she hasn't texted me first, and she's now waiting a lot of time to reply to me... and right now, I think she's even "ghosting" me).

Honestly, at this point, I think I have just 3 options left:
-Moving on
-Waiting for her to reply/Hoping for her to initiate contact
-Friendzoning her and hoping that it could eventually evolve into a relationship. But even if it doesn't, I would still be happy to be in her life.

I think I'll pick option #3, no matter how hard it is. But like, how can I friendzone her? I mean, she literally ignored me (most likely because she doesn't want me to think that she has a crush on me), so it's not that easy. But I can't just stop talking to her. We had a great time during what I call our "date", so I want to be AT LEAST friends with her.
How can I friendzone my crush (serious question lmao)?
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