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Can we stop denying 'pretty' privilege?

When I'm by myself i feel confident I my own skin. Sometimes (not every time) i go out with my roommate I noticed just how much better she gets treated. Im not dumb- she has an exotic universally pretty look. She gets Free drinks, random discounts, strangers (often men) starting conversations offering to help on literally anything, doors always held open, people inviting her to random parties or social groups. I've mentioned it to her, but she's denied that she gets treated better because she's pretty as she believes the world is just nice. One time she says that she "works for it" despite rarely going to the gym and watching hours of TV everyday. She has money to buy new clothes/makeup and does not have to work while in school.

Its not her fault and I know I'm jealous, but its really frustrating when you're living life as a single person hoping someone wants to get to know your personality. In reality you're only noticed as the less attractive friend. any guy either of us meets would rather ask her out than me since he assumes we are both single and she's prettier. For some reason, she'll hang out with guys she just met and then complains when he started making a move or telling her he is interested in dating. What makes me jealous is that she is married (although long distance) but conveniently gives no indication to anyone.

When I invite her to hang out with my guy friends, they fall into the similar trap where they become super attentive to her needs for literally no reason. I have a normal to bubbly confident personality myself but it gets frustrating when even the people I date refer to her as the pretty friend or attractive roommate.
I know my life isn't hard because of this- there's so much worse out there. I am like a 5 myself so solid average- I just wanted to get it off my chest and maybe see if anyone else can relate. Thanks!
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Can we stop denying 'pretty' privilege?
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