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How to handle post-drunk hookup with an old ex?

my and ex I broke up about 3.5 years ago. didn’t keep in touch at all after. We recently connected again in January and have met up Maybe 4 times. Last week we were suppose to play golf it was raining so we still decided to meet up for a drink. ended up drinking way too much and after the bar we went to his place to drink more- we mixed way too much. I got very drunk (he was drunk but I definitely was way more), and I crashed his place cause no way I could drive. We hooked up for a bit he made the first move until I realized how drunk I was and went to his washroom running to puke for a minute.

We didn’t have sex but we fooled around and after a puked I realized how drunk I actually was and we just we went to bed. We didn’t have sex. The next morning we both had work so it was kinda a rush since I was running late so we didn’t even really talk. Anyways a few hour laters he texts “good afternoon ” and I say “can it be 5 o’clock yet. Longest day ever! “. Then he says “at the movies call you later”. Then a few hours later he says “Just finished the movie I’m super tired, going to head home and pass out. I’ll talk with you tomorrow“. I say “ok night”. Next day on Thursday he texts saying “Hey crazy eve we had the other night”. And I say “no doubt. That whiskey was is deadly”. Thats the last we talked Thursday night. He knew I was away from Friday- Sunday as I had a wedding to go to out of town city. I don’t really know how to handle this situation. Do we just pretend it didn’t happen? . Is the friendship ruined? I don’t like him romantically but I don’t also want us to never see each other again because we have become friends again. I also don’t want it seem like I’m in love with him whatever so I need to be careful. I don’t know what to make of this. Thoughts?
How to handle post-drunk hookup with an old ex?
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