If she is in the moment, how should I interpret it?

There is this woman a couple of years younger than me, she will be 25 in a couple weeks whereas I am 27. We get along very well and have similar interests, humor and chemistry (handful of people have asked if we were together), and I feel I can be myself around her. Have known her for over a year now.

Anyway, last week before we were done hanging out, she kissed me. Normally in the past she did the cheek, but this time it was a peck to my lips. I enjoyed it and asked her about it when we hung out last night.

She said she felt in the moment and that it felt right. Then it happened again last night, this time the kiss was a little longer.

Felt good and right for me, too. I feel like she is testing the waters to see if something more could come, but I am curious.

Can anyone shed light on why she may be doing that? I don't want to jump the gun and ruin anything on a hunch and don't want to force her into anything, either. Much appreciated, I will update the question as necessary.
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Quick update. We had a talk about it on Snapchat and she said that it was definitely in the moment and appropriate, but she wanted to check with me and make sure we didn't jeopardize the boundaries we set in the past. That she respects me way too much to check in and be sure we were on the same page.

I told her I enjoyed what we did and don't regret it. That I wanted to continue what we had going and keep having fun, but wanted to touch down in boundaries again.
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We hung out yesterday and went rock climbing/bouldering and got dinner before calling it a night. Ended up kissing her again.

I am hoping her ideas of boundaries changed since we last talked about them over a month ago because I like her and I am assuming you all are right and she likes me too. I ideally want something more physical and intimate with her, but I don't know how to go about saying that properly.
If she is in the moment, how should I interpret it?
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