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Is this incredibly sweet or should I run?

Hey all.

I am a single woman who is 31 years old. I do want to settle down very soon. I was on instagram and I added this man who is a little cute.

We started chatting and he tells me how beautiful I am. I found it sweet.

Not a lot of men pay attention to me so in real life I was really flattered. I asked him if he wanted to go for a coffee this coming Sunday and he was so excited. Great!

We then started talking more and I get to know him a little bit about what background he is. He has been divorced 7 years ago and lives alone here. No family.
He said that he has been waiting so long for a woman and he feels that God answered his prayers and started calling me his love and queen. I get uneasy. I gently tell him that he doesn't know me yet and we should go for a coffee first. He does all this without meeting me.

Then he started taking my pictures and saving it on his phone background and home screen and send me what he did. Then to top it all off, he puts my picture on the screen of his fridge!

Guys, no one ever liked me this way. Should I give him a chance? Is it normal? by the way, this all happened in a span of 24 hours. I need guidance.
It is so sweet, give him a chance
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Is this incredibly sweet or should I run?
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