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Is his flirting with me?

I recently tore my ACL and the guy in question is like really nice to me. He's new to the school and my friend group consists of only girls. I meet him only last week because I have no classes with him. He has recently been hanging around my friend group, like this week, during the snack break but tends to/seems to focus his attention on me, whether it's through a handshake, waving to me while he's with friends, or telling only me something.

Anyways, as I said, I got hurt and he calls me "cripple" in a teasing fashion (one thing we connected on is sharing the experience of getting hurt while playing sports). However, my friend is also hurt but limps instead of having crutches and he doesn't refer to her with any nickname (and he has a lot of classes with her). In general, he is a super friendly, tall, and athletic guy and boys like him don't usually hang around MY friend group (we're low drama, friendly, athletes, and good students)

Help! I can't tell if he likes me or he's just being friendly or if he likes one of my friends.

Also another note, I was talking to one of my friends about this and she agreed that him coming up to talk to us was weird.
Is his flirting with me?
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