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[20F] single, never dated and I don't know how to approach people. Any advice?

I'm a 20 year old girl, never dated and I've been asked out ONCE in my life when I was 14. That's it. I don't consider myself ugly but I'm not something to go crazy over. I'm not fat or overweight but there are parts of my body that could use some improvement. It doesn't help that I have a baby face and get mistaken for a 15-16 year old on a pretty regular basis. I don't believe that my personality is godawfully terrible and I do consider myself a pretty average girl. I have gotten some unwanted sexual attention before but I'm not the hookup type, I want to search for a relationship. So far barely anyone has shown interest in me in terms of wanting to possibly go out with me and that's fine. Perhaps I should be the one that makes the first step. But I've never done this before. Flirting and approaching people I'm possibly interested in is so foreign to me that I feel like I'm a lost cause. I don't get to meet new people often as well since most of my friends don't like to go out often (or at all) and I don't want to risk going to bars on my own late at night. And sometimes when I do find someone that I might possibly fancy I'm too scared to go and talk to them since I think it would be pretty creepy that some strange girl on the street randomly starts talking to you and asks for you number out of nowhere, like? Is that normal behaviour? Is it creepy? Can any guys and gals give me any tips on how I can possibly break out of my shell and enter the dating pool so I don't die a virgin? Thanks.
[20F] single, never dated and I don't know how to approach people. Any advice?
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