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What would you think?

You are a female...
- you are dating a guy
-You know another guy who is the same age as you, which also happens to be your man's brother in law
-He is taken and has a baby but is not married, more like he has given his girl a promise ring
- he is a very young dad (20 or 22 years old)
- he stares at you at times
- he locks eyes with you a lot and you are always the one to break the eye lock by looking away, never him. He only does once you do
- at times, he has a sexy smile on his face as he's looking at you
- he says he is not interested in you tho and reassures his suspicious girlfriend that he only is all about her
- although he tells his girlfriend this, he still continues to do all the above

What would you think?
What would you think?
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