Intimidating girls?

Is it possible that guys don't ask certain girls out because they find them intimidating? I can name a hundred different situations where I've seen a pretty girl with an awesome personality go guy-less because they simply don't ask, while less hot and duller friends seem to have one all the time. It's ironic but it seems possible.

If so, then what traits in a girl are considered intimidating to a guy?


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  • Yes, guys are intimidated by hot girls. Some guys who have incredible suave and confidence are not afraid. Here's the process of what guys could possibly think. Guy sees a hot girl and recognizes she's hot. "She probably has a boyfriend; there's no point." Another option is "she's way out of my league; she'll just put me in the friend zone." A third option is "she's hot so she must be a bitch and not down to earth." It's easier to talk to girls who are average and below average looks because there's no sexual tension because subconsciously, guys don't really want anything from them. Aren't you shy around guys who are "good-looking?"

    • Ooh okay. I guess I get where you're coming from. It's just funny how a lot of really pretty down to earth girls think there's something wrong with them cause guys don't ask them out. And I'm kind of a guys girl-a lot of my best friends are guys-so I personally don't get shy around men, hot or not.

    • The ironic thing is that there's nothing wrong with those girls. It's sad to see them worry about it, but it's just guys not having enough confidence because it's very hard to walk up to someone and say I like you.

    • Lol guys shouldn't worry so much then . I think a lot of girls would love it if a guy said that straight out. It would be very hard to say no in my opinion.

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  • Well the "too pretty" thing has been covered already, so I'll mention that girls who carry a permanent scowl on their faces are more intimidating and less likely to be approached.

    Also if you are surrounded by guys (even if they're just friends) it's not intimidating per se, but makes me think you have too much male attention already. If I attempted to join the conversation you'd probably think "oh, did you decide to join my fan club? tee hee that's so cute, wait for your turn and maybe I'll acknowledge your tiny existence ;)"

    • Lol! Icaro, trust me, no girl outside of the truly heinous "Mean Girls" type, would ever think that. No worries. I can understand about the scowl girls though. Point taken.

  • I have heard this a lot, but personally I have never seen it, so I think it is mostly an urban legend myth. All hot girls I have ever met always had guys asking them out. If fact they usually have the opposite problem of not being able to go out anywhere alone without being hit on.

    While it is true that there are a lot of shy guys, there are also a lot of aggressive guys who hit on all the hot women.

    So I'm not buying this myth of the hot woman who can't get a date. In reality, what I think is happening is that she doesn't like the guys who are always hitting her up and she wishes some of the shyer guys would ask her out. But I think those guys are more intimidated by the aggressive guys they see asking out the hot girls than the girls themselves. Shy guys need a lot of time to work up the courage, and if they see a girl they like talking to another guy, they will think they've missed their chance and so not approach her.

  • Not intimidated like scared. For all the male ego & boasting, somnetimes a guy will see a girl that good looking & think he stands NO CHANCE! I've done it befoe, & my BFF's ex never got over his insecurities in that regard & eventually drove her away after 4 years together...

  • It's not only possible, it's 100% sure.

    What intimidating traits in a girl? Offhand, I'd say:

    -Looking high maintenance (clothes, hair dress,make up)

    -Looking infatuated with herself

    -Dating often the captain of the football team or older guys (or looking like it)

    • another reason: she's the sister of one of my good friends and I'm not interested in a long term relationship but just want an ONS.

  • :) well it depends on the personality of the guy tbh, if he is shy then chances are he will not admit his feelings anytime soon unless he is really sure the information doesn't go public...however, some girls are too popular and the guys think they are not good enough...then there is also the too good lookin which often guys get too nervous to talk to, they think they will be rejected so they go for the less hot & duller friends. But again the players have long realized this so they go for the intimidating ones and use them...but again it doesn't mean every guy who approaches a girl is a player, so I think you should wait untill your old enough to understand things better.

    • Marciano, I never said all guys who approach a girl is a did. And don't tell me I'm not old enough to understand things. I'm not 10 so get your condescending brit attitude off my wall.

  • Out of my league - too pretty/way too beautiful. Probably wouldn't even look at me, let alone date

    - she hangs out with a guys/a lot of guys

    - she's way above me financially.


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  • "I can name a hundred different situations where I've seen a pretty girl with an awesome personality go guy-less "

    1. Maybe they do not want a bf- omg! ... it happens you know not everyone needs to be in a relationship, some people actually like themselves.

    2. Maybe they are not easy to get along with- personality definitely matters.

    3. If they are cool & they do want a boyfriend and boys are not asking- why do not they approach.

    4. If they approach and the guy is not interested well then I guess he is not interested. mystery solved.

    > Being a little pro active , wipes out a lot of confusion and solves a lot of questions in life- typically.

    • I never said that all girls need a boyfriend to feel complete, or even insinuated that they did. I like myself just fine...and clearly you're JUST as confident. Go "analyze" someone else's post cause you're right, I don't like you.