How do I get him to ask me to be his girlfriend?

okay.. well this guy likes me, and I like him. but he hasn't popped the question saying " would you be my girlfriend." I'm only waiting for that! we call each other baby all the time, and watch him go to his hockey practice, I would do anything for him, cause I really like him. I've had a crush on him since grade 3. I'm in grade 10 right now :$ How do I get him to ask me to be his girlfriend? I don't want t ask him to ask me :$ that would be awful! D: Soo... Help?!

only thing I'm worried about is that I wanna be a couple that holds hands or kisses in the halls, what if he wants to just LIKE me, and not be my boyfriend? I don't want to reach in for a kiss or try and hold his hand and get rejected :/


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  • Why don't you ask him to be your boyfriend?!

    • because girls don't ask guys out, say I love you first, and they also don't ask a guy to be there boyfriend.. :/ I'm scared.. I don't ever want to be rejected ... </3

    • so you rally want to sit there and watch another girl snatch up the guy you could have something great with?

    • Well, no... but I've been droping so many hints and such obvious hints a grilled cheese would understand Dx .. He said he wants to be alone with me somewere during lunch and kiss me, but I just want I'm to know that I want to be more than friends.. I guess were a friends with benifits? :/

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  • i had a few relationship before we're I didn't even bother asking the girl to be my girlfriend. we just called either other that lol..

    dont make it such a big deal lol


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  • You should just kind of joke around with him(in a flirty way) on the whole dating thing which will give him hints that you want to date him