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Is he angry with me for any reason?

so me and my ex dated for 6 years, we broke up 5 months ago and I moved to a different country right away! Our relationship was a very weird one, we were comfortable around each other but fought a lot about the stupidest things ever! anyway, so it was 6 years long, and at the very end right before the breakup we were planning our engagement.. so basically things went wrong and we decided to stay friends because we were afraid of divorce if we got more serious...

The last time I ever saw him after the breakup- he told me he was never gonna love anyone as much as he loved me, and that if I ever heard he was getting engaged it would only be because he had to do so eventually, and that we would stay in touch and he;d introduce me to his girl if he ever has one (we both cried a lot that night)...So then I left to where I was moving to, and I began to move on, we didn't stay friends Because I told him it was too hard for me, here we are 5 months later, he went running back to his ex girlfriend, the one that he left for me 6 years and 5 months ago! I guess they've been seeing each other for a while now and I knew nothing until his sister told me about it, she also mentioned that he was getting serious with that other girl and that they were getting engaged soon ( his sister is my best friends btw) how could he? how could he forget about me and just go on and find someone else so soon, its all to hard to believe and to take in at once!

i Haven't seen him ever since until just today, I came back to town and I went to see his sister, and he was at home! I said hello very normally but he didn't, I asked for my pictures back a few days before I got back in town and he never replied to my text, and every time I ask his sister has he got all my stuff together to give to me< she keeps answering me with "no not yet" after we bumped into each other and were forced to say hello Because he was right there, he left the house even though he was suppose to go to bed!

i need an explanation for his behavior, this all tells me he isn't over me yet, it HAS BEEN 6 YEARS YOU KNOW! but at the same time I don't understand how he could just jump from one relationship to another? Someone please tell me why he hasn't giving me my stuff back after asking for them several times, hasn't answered my text, said hello awkwardly and left the house shortly after I walked in.. what's going on, what do you think? PLEASE GIVE ME AN HONEST ANSWER, I could take it!

is he angry with me for any reason? we left on good terms so is he running away from me and avoiding me because he can't stand me or is it because he's not over me.. please I need to know!
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*Thank you all for taking the time to read this... I have been put through so much with this man for the past 6 years, and I feel like it still isn't over because he's kinda dragging me along with him by not giving my things back!

Thanks for the advise tho
Is he angry with me for any reason?
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