Do Girls feel unapproachable when too attractive?

Previously I lived in a large city, with young attractive women being incredibly rare.

Recently I've moved to a college town, with many incredibly attractive women everywhere. Before the women were less attractive and felt more approachable, and now that most women here look like models I feel too intimidated to approach them.

My mind usually says a few things when I see beautiful women now:
"She's way out of my league, don't bother"
"Someone that hot is probably already in a relationship"

Girls also dress much better here too. When girls dressed more casual, it was much less intimidating to ask them out as well. Typically these girls wear fancy outfits everywhere they go, compared to casual clothes before.
"She looks amazing today, I'm not dressed well/cleaned up enough to ask her out today"

Guys, do you experience the same problem? Have you found a way to get over this?

Girls, do you observe this happening? Can girls be too attractive/well dressed and not get asked out? Have you observed this with yourself or friends?
Do Girls feel unapproachable when too attractive?
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