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How can I make a player/fuckboy fall for me?

Ok this might seem like a very stupid question.. you would be like.."why would you want a player fall for you? Get someone who respects you. you deserve someone better" etc
But I just really wanted to know if there were tips or suggestions on how to make a player (or someone that gets lots of action lol ahah) fall for me.
I basically want to win at his own game and trap him in my web somehow (Ew this sounds cringy I apologize ahaha)
But yeah..
What should I do? What should I NOT do?
If we're friends and we talk alreadya how do I approach him or behave around him in order for him to be curious wanting to know me better and better?
Also... do players EVER fall for someone? Can a player/fuckboy change behaviour for a certain girl? If so.. How can I change him?
Thanks for coming to my ted talk ahah
How can I make a player/fuckboy fall for me?
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