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Do you consider this flirty?

So I'll start off by out right stating that I'm clueless when it comes to actually flirting, but a co-worker of mine continously points out that a girl I work with and I 'flirt so hard'. We do stupid things like blow eachother kisses, make sexual innuendos, make a heart shape with our hands from across the room, have inside jokes and things of a similar nature, but obviously nothing touchy and as a lighthearted joke to make work a little bit enjoyable.
It's weird since I've had this sort of 'childish' relationship with pretty much all the girls I've been close to, as well as some of my guy friends when we are stupid together. The girl and I are both single, yet don't like eachother that way and have expressed it openly. I'm generally a serious guy when it comes to work, but I enjoy being playful with those I'm comfortable with, so I can understand the 'odd' change that some people see when around the girl. To me it just seems playful yet to others it seems flirty, did I learn how to do the flirt without realising it?
Do you consider this flirty?
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