I kissed my guy friend (I'm a girl) and I'm not sure how to talk to him now?

SO, I've got this friend right I asked him out my freshman (and his sophomore) year of college and he turned me down and since then I've been over it and we've been good friends. And then this past Tuesday comes along and he and I and three other friends went out for bubble tea. He invited me to come back to his apartment cause I hadn't seen it before and also so we could catch up - I've been alone with him in his bedroom or apartment before and nothing's happened because we're, you know, FRIENDS. So we were hanging out and having fun and it was lighthearted and friendly but then it got like super intense and then he was cuddling me for a long time and we kissed and maybe it 's because we're good friends but it was so intense? Like it felt romantic and I know hookups can be like that but it was nice and we agreed it was a one-time thing and that we'd go back to being friends. I ran into him yesterday at a coffee shop when I was with my friend and he acted so normal and I know it's probably because he's over the whole thing but I've never done that with a friend before and I don't know how he feels about it. The only thing that I'm hung up on is how intensely romantic it was - like a movie scene. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just be over it, because I want to be, but I also want to do it again. I haven't talked to him about it, and I'm guessing he's going to pretend it never happened. Basically, I'm really confused and seeing him again tonight (with other people) and I don't know where he stands and how he feels and I know if he acts like it never happened it's going to hurt. I don't want to date him, it's just really confusing balancing my platonic feelings of this was a mistake and my non-platonic feelings of I want to do it again. Help?
I kissed my guy friend (I'm a girl) and I'm not sure how to talk to him now?
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