All the signs were there... but?

So I went to my older brother’s pub tonight. I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, and I thought it would be nice to catch up with him.

There was this gorgeous barmaid serving. I ordered a drink, sat down, went through my phone, and then I asked her whether my brother was around. She told me no, asked me why, I told her, and then we got into a decent conversation. She was flicking her hair, laughing, touching me, asking me more, etc...

She went off to serve some other people, and every few minutes she would come and speak to me.

There was a lot of eye contact, touching on her part, questions, etc... and even if some other guy was talking to her, she would be trying to get me into the conversation.

I know what it means to be working behind the bar: I have experience. I just don’t understand how someone can give all the signs of flirting and attraction, but not be into it?
All the signs were there... but?
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