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How do you flirt?

I have no ideas what or how do you do the thingy called flirt, Last night@the grocery shop me with friends bought some chipies and I get the new Pringles while I was waiting for them to get what they want I hold the Pringles on top of my hand and my right hand on it sliding up and down without malicious I said come on people too many choices pick some while I was doing what I just said oh well its shinny cans feels nice in my hand, they're laughing so hard so I was annoyed what an F they just laughed like crazy till we go outside still laughing, and today at work they call me flirt and they said because the way I do things or move myself I was like what a weird thing to say so I said I don't know how to flirt they even laugh more and one guy said all my moves are flirty so I said so you don't want me to move at like a statue seriously its annoying🥺🙄
How do you flirt?
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