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Do I need to make the first move?

i like this guy. sadly, I heard he has no girl friend ever since. A friend of mine likes him a lot though. I had heard so much about him, like he almost courted someone last year but then sadly he was rejected and the girl became the boyfriend of another guy. Well, I think he noticed me because almost all people knew I like him. Last December, he texted me and I was so shocked Because I didn't expect he would find my number. we started texting each other but most of the time, it is I who texts first. Last Feb 14, we went out together with common friends. my hopes were so up that he also had feelings for me but then the next day I heard, though he ws off in work, he extended his time to talk to the girl he almost courted a year ago. he even called me NONA , even if my name is Chloe when he texted. I told him I'm not nona but then he said, when I ws texting u, I'm thinking of her. more so, I did lose my hope... but then last march 3, we went out , only the two of us, not hoping we would go out accidentally. I helped him choose a polo shirt which he would use for the wedding the next day, we eat together( he paid for it), we watched movie together.. he played on the arcade and he gave the stuff toy he won to me. A day before I resigned in the hospital in which we are both working, we went outside and he treated me with squid balls. he never made a move. we just talk and talk anything under the sun. on the day of my resignation, we went home together. my friends told me to make the first move, because maybe he is shy. so I invited him to go out with me to watch a movie, though he was from a night duty, he went out with me and watch a movie. he spent almost all expenses. I tried to make a move when we were watching movie, but I can't really do it. after the movie, we talked, stroll in the mall, eat and talk a lot. he never made any move.. accidentally, a co worker of ours saw us together and told my friend (who likes him) that we went out. out of the blue, my friend said I was a traitor. I felt really bad and I told him what my friend had told me and he said he knew she likes him from the start but he only likes her as a friend. after that day, I ddnt text him. I deleted his number. I was hoping he'd text me.. but then its been 2 days.. he ddnt bother to text. shud I text him again first and find his number? should I make the first move? or should I move on? please help...
Do I need to make the first move?
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