What does it mean when a girl ignores, or looks at you and won't say hi?

I've known this girl for a while, I hardly see her now a days, but before she would either ignore me or sometimes say hi, and always ask about my girlfriend. But then when I would try to talk to her she wouldn't say much. It was like she had to initiate the conversation first if she was going to talk to me. Now, if we see each other we will just lock eyes and not say anything. I can't read this girl what so ever.


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  • Well, she could be getting over you (she had feelings for you) or trying to remove you from her life by ignoring you, possibly she's angry at you.

  • Well, just like WeirdoGabbyGirl said...it sounded like she liked/likes you, but since you have a girlfriend maybe she is being respectful and not acting interested and finds it best to ignore you, etc. I have that going on right now actually, so I can kind of agree with it. This guy and myself seemed interested in each other. Actually I thought he was pretty obvious but he didn't ask me out and come to find out he had a girlfriend but failed to mention in all the flirting and acting interested. And he KNEW I liked him. So I ended up letting him know I know about the girlfriend and he looked embarrassed. Well, I still like him but don't want to, and he has a girlfriend anyway, and he hurt me by not being upfront about his situation. So it is easier to ignore or not acknowledge in this case. I hope this helps.

    • Well thanks for the answer, Of course I'm on the guys you like point of view. Its probably a good sign that he didn't ask you out, ask yourself how much respect would you have for him if he asked you out when he already has a girlfriend. He thinks highly of you and that you have class and wouldn't deal with that. So that's probably why he never asked, that was my reason why I was never straight forward with the girl I was talking about.

    • Oh yes, I wouldn't have had any respect for him at all if he asked me out when he had a girlfriend. But then again, I wasn't exactly happy that he was acting interested in me and witholding the fact that he had a girlfriend, in order to still get my attention back toward him. Honesty is important to me and for him to withhold this info, made me feel like he was playing with my emotions. In your case, it sounds like she knows you have a girlfriend, so I am not clear when you say you werent straightforward.

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